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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

M.A.N.D.Y. - Fabric 38, Mixed By : : .

Artist: M.A.N.D.Y. / V.A
Title: Fabric 38, Mixed By
Released: Jan. 2008
Format: Mixed Audio CD
Label: Fabric (London)
Genre: Minimal, House, Tech House

M.A.N.D.Y. - FABRIC 38

As owners of the hip Berlin house label Get Physical, M.A.N.D.Y have mined an aesthetic where sonic experiments meet lifestyle gloss.
Their contribution to the Fabric series opens with Yello's Bananas to the Beat, the kind of brilliant cheesy-listening move now expected of them, and proceeds along cocktail-smooth lines. From the delicate music box melody of Lucio Aquilina's My Cube to the cut-up, blissful vocals of DJ Yellow & Astrid Suryanto's To the Top, there's an irrepressible cuteness to their selections.

Fabric 38 is perhaps played a little straighter than, for example, their landmark 2006 At the Controls mix, and there are a few too many longueurs, but the closing stages - the ascending synths of Basic Soul Unit's Tunnels, the last dance disco melancholy of Lopazz's 2 Fast 4 U - are pure bliss.

A disc "subtle" and in posession of a "really nice flow" between its tracks, which should, says M.A.N.D.Y., "make you move your butt." That remains to be seen until the disc emerges in the UK and the rest of the world January 14, though it won't hit the U.S. until February 12.

01. Franco Bianco" Noches de Superación"(intro)
02. Yello: "Bananas to the Beat"
03. Minz: "Darkslide"
04. Guillaume & the Couto Dumonts: "Mederico"
05. Quarion: "Karasu (Crowdpleaser Remix)"
06. Gui Borrato: "Tipologia (Lucy Remix)"
07. Mark Henning: "Sticknote"
08. Decimal: "Idiosynkratik"
09. Lucio Aquilina: "My Cube"
10. Booka Shade: "City Tales (dub)"
11. DJ Yellow & Astrid Suryanto: "To the Top (Guy J Remix)"
12. Dubfire: "I Feel Speed (Audion Remix)"
13. Toni Rios: "Chorizo"
14. Robag Wruhme, Wighnomy Brothers and Rolf Oksen: "Dopamin"
15. Poxy Music: "Warpaint (Claude Vonstroke Remix)"
16. Djinxx & X-Pansul: "Spanish Kebab"
17. Matchbox: "U Can Get Sonar"
18. Deadset: "Farm House"
19. DJ T: "The Dawn (Geiger Remix)"
20. Simon Flower: "The Whisper (Mark August Remix)"
21. Raz Ohara: "Kisses (Kabuto&Koji Carnea Remix)"
22. Basic Soul Unit: "Tunnels (Sebo K & Metro Remix)"
23. Lopazz: "2fast4u (Julian Remix)"
24. Mike Monday: "Bahlobashi (Sideshow Dub Mix)"
25. M.A.N.D.Y.: "Don't Stop"




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