DESTACADO: Club Quinto Sol Presenta FESTIVAL 2009 Encuentro Latinoamericano. Desde su primera versión en 2005, Festival Club Quinto Sol Chile, nació promoviendo el concepto de festival de música electrónica en Muelle Barón Valparaíso, una propuesta que rápidamente extendió su convocatoria reuniéndonos anualmente por la cultura electrónica junto a nuestro embajador Ricardo Villalobos y belleza de Muelle Barón, Patrimonio Nacional. Lugar: Muelle Barón Fecha: 9 y 10 Enero 2009 Line Up: Viernes 9: - Franco Cinelli (Argentina) - Argenis Brito (Venezuela) - Oscar Bohorquez (Perú) - Renato Ratier (Brasil) - Pablo Britos (México) - Invitados. Sábado 10: - Ricardo Villalobos (Chile/Alemania) - Pier Bucci (Chile/Alemania) - Raresh (Rumania) Valores: Viernes Puerta: $10.000 Sábado Puerta: $15.000 General Festival: $25.000 Venta: - A través de Feriaticket (Almacenes París y Feria del Disco) - Café del Patio (Providencia 1670, Local 8) - Café Journal, Viña del Mar (Alvarez esquina Agua Santa, viña del Mar).

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Quasimode - The Land Of Freedom : : .

Artist: Quasimode
Title: The Land Of Freedom
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Geneon
Genre: Jazz, Latin, Groovy Club Beats


An amazing second full length set from Quasimode easily one of the most soulful combos working in the current club jazz underground!

Quasimode consists of Yusuke Hirado (Piano), Takahiro "Matzz" Matsuoka (Percussions), Kazuhiro Sunaga (Bass), and Takashi Okutsu (Drums). The sound is based on the authentic jazz which was prevalent in 60s and 70s, and they absorb the groovy club beats as well. This makes it stylish and danceable.

The band coversome of the same territory as their Japanese contemporaries Sleepwalker, an older style of soul jazz played live, mostly with acoustic instrumentation in ways the hearken back to the best older work on labels like Impulse, Strata East, and Black Jazz.

The Land Of Freedom captures on disc the live energy that Quasimode exude when they play in clubs, often to audiences of 2-3 thousand capacity. With such an exploding jazz scene growing in Japan it was clear that Tokyo wasn’t big enough to hold all the talent coming from there. One can only hope this rocking band make it to a club near you soon.

01. Over the Horizon
02. The Man Form Nagpur
03. Object in the Mirror
04. Last Nine Days
05. Time is Love
06. For Self Defense
07. Percussion Revolver
08. Raw Cotton Field
09. The Land of Freedom
10. Dark Beauty
11. Over the Horison (Reprise)




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Friday, December 28, 2007

V.A - House Trilogy / Warm Up : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: House Trilogy / Warm Up
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Mixed Audio CD
Label: Music Brokers
Genre: House, Deep House


As a direct descendant of Disco music, House is the essential sound when it comes to dance. Born in Chicago, House gained support worldwide in the 90s with the rising popularity of raves.

Through the years different sounds and influences have been incorporated into the musical style, resulting in the emergence of an infinite number of subgenres. Due to the wide selection of notable songs, House Trilogy is the fundamental album to understand global dance music, exposing us to the richness and variety of the genre.

Warm Up, full of quality and vibrant elegance, this album unites the most outstanding moments of the PMB catalogue of house, a fundamental genre in the development of pop culture as we know it today.


01. Von Mondo - Unexpected Melody (Miles Mix)
02. Lalann - Subtle
03. Urban Love - Transport (Deep Version)
04. Morgan, G & Machines - Perfect Night (Frederi Delight Mix)
05. Liongold - In My Soul
06. Ronan - Presence (The 2 Notes Mix)
07. Mygale Feat. Shosha - Attendez-moi
08. View Finder - Retail Therapy (Agatha's Special Mix)
09. Dubrider - Blue Fluid
10. Mariscal Foch - Southern Flutes
11. Bop Journey - Projections
12. Index - Tasty
13. Elio Riso & Raffunk Feat. Little Gaby - Until The End (Deep Motion Remix)
14. Von Mondo - Reflex (Total Happiness Version)
15. First Street - Kashmir Ju-ju (Kevin's Abstrac Mix)




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Thursday, December 27, 2007

V.A - Electrolounge : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: Electrolounge

Released: Dec. 2007

Format: Mixed Audio 2 CD's
Label: Wagram Music
Genre: House, Minimal, Lo-Fi


Electrolounge marks the birth of a new generation of lounge compilations.

Minimal & elegant with smooth vocals, Electrolounge will create a delicate atmosphere for a cocktail party or dinner when played softly.
Play it louder and, slowly but surely, hips will start to move...
Featuring artists by the likes of Trentemoller, Gus Gus, Blaze, Swayzak, I Cube, Superpitcher, Etienne Daho, Daniel Paul and many more.


CD1 Happy Hour

01. Superpitcher - People
02. Marbert Rocel - Beats Like Birds

03. Etienne Daho - Le Grand sommeil (Sweetlight Remix)
04. Daniel Paul - Outta Space (Meitz Remix)
05. Zwicker - Made Up (Vocal Mix)

06. Blaze - Lovelee Dae (2020 Vision Remix)

07. Limbo Experience - Illusion (Rollercone Remix)
08. Manuel Tur & Dplay - Clock Shift
09. Khan feat. Julie Cruise - Say Goodbye (Losoul 'She's Homeless Mix')
10. Frankman - Hypnotise

11. Headphonism - String It Back

12. Trentemoller - 25 Timer

13. Rework - You're So Just Just
14. Swayzak - Make Up Your Mind

15. ICube - Deep Republic

CD2 After Hour
01. Samim - Springbreak
02. Hakan Lidbo - Overnight
03. Matthias Tanzmann - Anyway (Marlow's Five, Four, Three Version)

04. Trick & Kubic - Easy (Constantine's Sunday Morning Deep Out Remix)
05. Nicolette - No Government (Tocadisco's Lazy Days Remix)
06. Octex - Deflection

07. Alex Smoke - Lost In Sound
08. Julian Jeweil - Air Conditionné
09. Jean-Paul Bondy - Cold Reformer (John Tejada Remix)

10. DJ T - Freemind

11. It - Women In Toilet (Stefan Goldmann Remix)

12. Gus Gus - Need In Me (Trick & Kubic Bright Remix)

13. [T]éckël - Smet




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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Elizabeth Shepherd - "Besides": Remixes and B-Side : : .

Artist: Elizabeth Shepherd
Title: "Besides": Remixes and B-Side
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Do Right Music
Genre: Jazz, Nu Jazz


Imagine a cold winter night in Toronto, walking past a small jazz club, when you catch through the folds of your scarf the warm deep grooves of a jazz trio playing to an intimate crowd. Welcome to the scene a fresh new sound from singer/songwriter Elizabeth Shepherd.

Although Start to Move would be found in the jazz section at your local musicshop, Elizabeth’s blend of jazz-funk, soul, blues and samba reaches far beyond just the jazz massive. Besides is a collection of dancefloor remixes, b sides, exclusives and unreleased gems that will appeal to all music lovers.

Besides picks up from where Start to Move left off, maintaining jazz aesthetic while fusing the original recordings with fresh new dancefloor focused sounds and styles, redefining the way people think about jazz.

01. Midnight Sun
02. Reversed (Nostalgia 77 mix)
03. Just Getting By (Eddy Meets Yannah Mix)
04. One Trump Card
05. Cirlcles (Alister Johnson Mix)
06. George's Dilemma (Daisuke Tanabe Mix)
07. Open Your Eyes
08. Start to Move (Natural Self Mix)
09. Reversed ( Circle Research demo version)
10. George's Dilemma (Jazz -Dance Version)
11. Soya
12. Just Getting By (Live: Gilles Peterson BBC Radio 1)
13. Melon (Basic Soul Unit Mix)
14. George's Dilemma (Do Right Vs. Earth Corporation mix)




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Sunday, December 23, 2007

A Little Of German Electro House : : .

And why not...?
Trends, life, fashion, music style & euphoric nights.
Try to keep and staying alive...



Mondotek is very active in the house scene and 2007 seems to be a pretty good year for Danny Daagard & Steve Morane. Their minds are constantly working on new ideas and at this time they work deep in the studio to produce a lot of hot stuff for the coming months. So their future works are supposed to influence the music and amuse clubbers and fans worldwide.


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Friday, December 21, 2007

Rodrigo Sánchez - En La Playa Al Sol : : .

Artist: Rodrigo Sánchez
Title: En La Playa Al Sol
Recovery: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Chin Chin
Genre: Lo-Fi, Nu Jazz, Latin


En la playa al sol, an album like a tasty cocktail, which combines contemporary Latin, Jazz, Soul & Lounge styles in the best possible way. Celebrating the lust for life without being trivial. Flavoured with a healthy helping of jazz this album arranges a deep atmosphere of soul and sensuality.

Rodrigo Sanchez (musician & producer), has a passion for electronic instruments, the album sounds neither static nor sterile. A great experience of how eclectic and spirited electronic music should be. In february 2006 his deep house remix of Club des Belugas "Wildcats gotta move" (not included on this album) stayed for 8 weeks in the Top Ten of the German Club Charts with peak position #3.

Nidia Ortiz from the Dominican Republic creates with her incisive and lyrical voice a delightful summer-like Caribbean atmosphere. Brenda Boykin, the jazz lady from California (Bammie nomination 1997 for Best vocalist of the Year / Montreux Jazz Festival Award Winner 2005/ supporting Al Jarreau and Club des Belugas), deliberately decided to collaborate with Rodrigo Sanchez and seduces the audience again with her extraordinary souly-jazzy voice. Rodrigo Sanchez remixes - Bah Samba (vocals Alice Russell) and Sandboy, two respected stars of the Latin-Lounge and Nu-Jazz scene, perfect for this album. You will never have enough of it!

01. Pasión Caribeña
02. Black Berry
03. En La Playa Al Sol
04. Como Siempre Sueño
05. Bah Samba Inner Soul (Sánchez Remix)
06. El Verano
07. La Sonrisa Del Alma
08. Deep Water
09. Mars And Venus
10. Te Deseo Así
11. Sandboy Lua Nua (Sánchez Remix)
12. A Good Bye Song
13. Jazz Thieves




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Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kira Neris - Behind Closed Doors : : .

Artist: Kira Neris
Title: Behind Closed Doors
Recovery: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Futuristica
Genre: Nu Jazz, Downtempo


My album of the month.

Based in Strasbourg, the man behind the Kira Neris project is a truly unique individual. Motivated by an absolute passion and desire for all things radio and music related from the age of 11, it was inevitable that one day he would produce his own creative masterpiece full of the influences of his formative years. Having explored most genres and styles,from a brief affair with Rock to a longer relationship with House and Dance music, Jazz and Classic Groove are now his regular partners in producing what is without doubt original and captivating music.

Inspired by the character from Star Trek Deep Space 9, he took the name 'Kira Neris' finding that there was a co-relation between his music's thought provoking melancholy and the character's complex personality. He continues to challenge himself by working on a range of diverse musical projects, constantly finding new inspiration in artists like Prefuse 73, Jelinek, Herbert, Theo Parrish, 3 Chairs and Moodymann.

The Cinamatic Orchestra in my head and Llorca & St. Germain in my feet.
Only enjoy it.

01 - Kira Neris - Open Doors
02 - Kira Neris - Through Dimensions
03 - Kira Neris - Scampering
04 - Kira Neris - Theme
05 - Kira Neris - With all his Might
06 - Kira Neris - Un Ete Sans Fin
07 - Kira Neris - Brak Peat
08 - Kira Neris - Sweet Twilight
09 - Kira Neris - Season 9 Episode 12



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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

V.A - Milkshake EP 1 : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: Milkshake EP 1
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio
Label: Minibar Music
Genre: Minimal, House


Exclusive tracks by Cabanne, Spasm, Seuil, Linc., as unyielding Minibar bedrocks, offer new deep and shaky cuts. Digging up the woods on Zip and Dan Bell’s lands, they met amazing inhabitants. You’ll love Spasm and Linc’s fine and striking funksters. It’s all about house, minimal twists and tricks minibarians love.

01. Cabanne - Fraisheur
02. Linc - Crash Whore
03. Seuil - Dance
04. Spasm - Stuffies




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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

V.A - Home Sweet Home Session Chapter One : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: Home Sweet Home Session Chapter One
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio
Label: Upon.You Records
Genre: Tech House, Minimal


Exclusive Tracks by Format B, Guido Schneider & Jens Bond, Luna City Express, Resmann & Meinhardt! Strong Package!!!
Everywhere around the world, people strive
for their independence - an every day fight for self-determination. Musicians like to release on their own labels such as Marco Resmann, Marcus Meinhardt and their artists Ruede Hagelstein and The Cheapers do it for a year on Upon You now.

Such, they like to play as Dj’s on the "Home Sweet Home"- together with their friends- the top guns in Berlin. Without considering flyer-spam, posters or commerce-miens, the hosts have preseved the healthy heartbeat of the Berlin techno-underground. On this compilation, adequately to the annual labelfoundation, Upon You Records combines their artists and those who’ve made "Home Sweet Home" what it is today- the authentic techno party.

Let’s put our
hands together and bow for the fans and artists, their ideals and ideas. With this double compilation we clink glasses to the future in which for shure everything will spin around one, the favourite issue - the music.

A1 Format B - Flat Call
A2 Guido Schneider & Jens Bond - In Order to Dance
B1 Luna City Express - CDG
B2 Resmann & Meinhardt - L'Amettla




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Monday, December 17, 2007

A Little Of American Electro Pop : : .

And why not...?
Trends, life, fashion, music style & euphoric nights.
Would you like something of porno...?



Felix Da Housecat / Virgo Blaktro And The Movie Disco : : .

Step aside, pretenders? disco visionary Felix Da Housecat returns to dominate dancefloors and airwaves with his stunning third album, Virgo Blaktro & The Movie Disco, out on 1st October. A masterclass in sugar-coated vocal pop, soulful synth-funk and pulsing electronic disco, it's by far the best album this dance music icon has made.


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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Xaver Fischer Trio - Revisited : : .

Artist: Xaver Fischer Trio / V.A
Title: Revisited
Recovery: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Unique Germany
Genre: Nu Jazz, Broken Beat, Drum & Bass


A gift...
Xaver Fischer is intense. Each performance is a musical journey through 100 years of jazz history, neither blind to his musical roots nor allowing them to smoother his contemporary attitude. Spiritual, refreshing and original.

This remix collection containing songs from his previous 3 albums, and includes rare & unreleased versions from Peshay, Nicola Conte, Raw Deal, Fritz Pauer vs. Xaver Fischer, Tony Economidis (Smoke City), The Maxwell Implosion, DisJam and more.

"Revisited" is a extraordinary electric jazz moods of germanies wurlitzer wunderkind.
Please, enjoy.

01. I Sing This Song Just For You (Nicola Conte remix)
02. Terra Samba (Fritz Pauer vs Xaver Fischer remix)
03. Follow Me (Raw Deal remix)
04. Dinosaur (Matt Flores remix)
05. I Believe (Disjam remix)
06. Disko (Peshay remix)
07. Rübezahl (Phoneheads remix)
08. Bass Of Space (Tune In, Tune On mix by Maxwell Implosion)
09. The Seventh Sea (Xaver Fischer & Tony Economidis remix)
10. Palenque (Xaver Fischer & Tony Economidis remix)




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Monday, December 10, 2007

V.A - Alien Cafe Chloé Says : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: Alien Cafe Chloé Says
Released: Dec. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio CD
Label: Blue Flame Records
Genre: Lo-Fi, Nu Jazz, Downtempo


The project Alien Café developed from the formation Serendipity, which already has a debut track on the Blue Flame label compilation “Home Service”.
Serendipity is rooted in the experimental duo UFO Walter (Bass, Programming) and Christian Willeczelek (Drums, Programming), who created a musical playground in order to have a basis for a free interaction of all possibilities between bass and drums. Then in accordance with the meaning of the word Serendipity (a “lucky coincidence” or “the gift to find something you never looked for”) the project gained the gentle and clear voice of Nikola Materne (Vocals). Thus the project Alien Café was born.

01. Wheels 1 - Dusk 01:36
02. Va - A Letter For You 04:21
03. Va - Chloé Say 03:23
04. Va - Samba Triste 05:16
05. Wheels 2 - Skyline 04:02
06. Va - Silver Robot (Chill) 03:48
07. Va - Hiding 05:20
08. Va - Paris Depression 03:33
09. Va - Lost In Berlin 04:07
10. Va - Veil Of The Sunlight 03:56
11. Va - Just Tell Me (What To Do) 04:01
12. Va - Unique 05:20
13. Va - You Know 05:51
14. Va - Silver Robot (Dance) 03:19
15. Va - Hiding (Short Cut) 03:43
16. Wheels 3 - Dawn 02:30


Pass: aristaf

(2008,06,28 fixed!)



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Thursday, December 06, 2007

A Little Of English Techno : : .

And why not...?
Trends, life, fashion, music style & euphoric nights.

This is going to make you freak... Chinese taking the lid off things.


The clip has been directed by Daniel Levi and produced at Smuggler. Daniel Levi is currently signed at Independent, Les Télécréateurs and Neon Neon.

LFO are an English techno outfit on the Warp Records label. LFO were one of the pioneers of the bass-heavy techno music of the late 80's to mid 90s. Originally comprising Gez Varley, Martin Williams aka DJ Martin and Mark Bell, LFO is now Bell alone.

The band's name is derived from the abbreviation for the term low frequency oscillation, a synthesis technique widely used in electronic music.


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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

V.A - Frank Milano: Episode 01 : : .

Artist: V.A
Title: Frank Milano: Episode 01

Released: Nov. 2007

Format: Unmixed / Mixed Audio 2 CD's

Label: Soulstar Records

Genre: Lo-Fi, Downtempo, Vocal, Deep & Garage House


My essential lounge. Freak & Chic beats for your Stylish moments
, compiled and mixed by Harley & Muscle.

Soulstar proudly presents the next big coup. After releasing compilations for in places like Café Solaire, Savannah Café and other high quality clubs and bars we now welcome milan´s number one lounge in the family. Frank´s Bar is the hot spot in Milan and is not only a favourite of the supermodels and designers.

On disc 1 Harley & Muscle keep it smooth and slow with tracks by Bioground, Afterlife, Enigmatic, Lemongrass and many others. On disc 2 they go as they as you can go imagine with sweet house tunes by the who-is-who of the scene.

All together this is the perfect soundtrack for a fancy dinner, serious drinks, or nights and days of quality fun, no matter if you are a supermodel, traveller, or "just" a househead.


CD : 1 (Unmixed)

01 Climatic "For no Reason at All"

02 Living Room "Deep Breath"
03 Christophe Goze "Sensually Yours"
04 Lemongrass "Elle et Moi"

05 Timax "Backyard BBQ Jam"

06 Planet Lounge "Shiva Dance"

07 Seductive Souls "I'll Be There" (70s Delight Version)

08 Merge Of Equals "Out Of the Vacuum"

09 Afterlife "Parkour"
10 Naoki Kenji "Mainichi P.I.A"

11 Enigmatic "Jay"

12 Naoki Kenji "La Musique Japonaise"

13 Merge Of Equals "Kleine Wolke"

14 Espresso Del Lago "The World is Ours"

15 Lemongrass "Salon de Musique"

16 Bioground "Velvet"

CD : 2 (Mixed)
01 Santi Touch "Eve (Never Knew)" (Ridney's Mono Lounge Reprise)

02 Eriq Johnson "Berin Night"
03 P60 "New Way"
04 Arnold Jarvis "Justified" (Blvd East Remix)

05 Syren "My First Love" (Will's Sole Channel mix)

06 Soul Basics "The Theme (Cisco Bay)" (SB Deep Mix)

07 Simone de Nauw "Luv" (Catchbass Rmx)
08 Groove Junkies & Andy Caldwell feat. Alexander Sky "I Believe in Dreams"

09 The Soulseekers "Unconditionally"

10 Patrick Green feat. Will Barnes "Shades" (Deeper Shades)

11 Yoyo "Take It"

12 Moses McClean "Keep On"

13 Brand "New Love" (Irfan Remix)

14 Ralf Gum feat. Beate S. Lech "Warrior" (Raw Artistic Soul Dub)

15 Rhythm Plate "Remember the Days"




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Monday, December 03, 2007

Luciano - Live Kristal Bucharest : : .

Artist: Luciano (Lucien Nicolet)
Title: Live Kristal Bucharest 27.10.2007 (Selection)
Released: Nov. 2007
Format: Set (Selection)
Label: Live Set
Genre: Minimal, Micro House


Born in a small village in the heart of St Croix, Luciano aka Lucien-N-Luciano spends his first years in Switzerland, which he departs in the summer of 1988 to follow his mothers' roots to Santiago, Chile. Not only the distance in miles, but the distance in music cultures between these two continents intrigues and seduces the twelve year old and soon he starts to play what was going to be his very first instrument and a critical influence in his muiscal career - the spanish Guitar.
Luciano's music is widely appreciated because of its graceful melodies, love for detail and colorful patterns merging into an amazing rhythm one can enjoy at home or in a club. Rhythms rise and fall like a gentile tide of bubbly ocean, big string arrangements spread across vast expanses of air, while a micro burst of sound pop out from under the smooth, texturized grooves.

(Part 01)
01. Intro
02. Schneider , Galluzzi & Schirmacher - Albertino + Brothers Vibe - El Baile (Acappella)
03. ID
04. ID
05. Kabale Und Liebe & Daniel Sanchez - Mumbling Yeah
06. St. Germain - Rose Rouge (unreleased remix)
07. ID
08. Mute & Metazoo - Sigh (2000 And One Remix) + Ralphi Rosario Feat Rosabel - La Puta (Acapella)
09. ID + Inner City - Good Life (Carl Craig Accapella Remix)
10. ID
11. ID + Mercedes Sosa - Antiguos Dueños de las Flechas


Here: Part 02 - Part 03 - Part 04 & Tracklist



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