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Saturday, September 15, 2007

Claude Von Stroke / At The Controls : : .

Artist: Claude Von Stroke
Title: At The Controls
Released: Sept. 2007
Format: Unmixed Audio 2 CD`s
Label: Resist Music
Genre: Minimal, Micro House


Not only is it difficult to come up with an original and worthy concept in this day and age of copycat compilations, but the hard task is also choosing an artist to front your compilation, an artist who has been hyped or is about to be the next big thing, all whilst retaining underground cool and mainstream capabilities - Resist presents Claude VonStroke 'At The Controls'.

It was a pretty hard act to follow after the critically acclaimed stint 'At The Controls' in October of last year by Get Physical daddies M.A.N.D.Y, with James Holden kicking off the series in February 2006, but Resist have twisted a few buttons and come up with a corker - le deejay du decade and one of electronic music's hottest producers of the chemical generation - Claude VonStroke steps up to host the third in a series that aims to delve deep into the musical psyches of the worlds greatest contemporary DJs.

Since the release of Richie Hawtin's "Best Track of 2006", 'Who's Afraid of Detroit' and follow-up 'The Whistler', whose familiar bleeps and whistles got us all pursing our lips and losing our heads on dance-floors all around the world, Claude VonStroke is one artist everyone wants a piece of. Now with his offering, a 'melt-the-ears' mix, consisting of 30 tracks over 2-discs comprising of some of the best in deep techno and solid tech-funk from his very own quirky 'Dirty Bird' label and his soon to be launched sub-label 'Mothership', aswell as tracks from Get Physical to Kompakt, Crosstown Rebel Music and Yoshitoshi, 'At The Controls' takes this series to a new level.

01. Meat vs Einzelkind - Freebase Night @ Robert-Johnson
02. Lee Mortimer - Mush
03. Heckmann & Kauffelt - Kookaburra
04. DJ Koze - Don’t Feed The Cat
05. Jin Choi - High Quality Schall
06. Luca Bacchetti - Rolling Brooklyn
07. Hammerschmidt & Lentz - Knospen im Osten (Neal White Remix)
08. Simon Baker - The Fly (My My Remix)
09. Jaxson - Smokemachine
10. Samim - Heater
11. Catz & Dogz - Fixation
12. Martin Brodin - Semitone Shuffle (Mikael Stavostrands Berlin Tin Can Mix)
13. Riva Starr - WTF
14. Reagen - Teddybear
15. Whatever, Girl - Activator (You Need Some) (Deep Dish Edit)

01. Kenneth Graham - Measures of Goodwill
02. Mono Junk - Channel B
03. Luciano - Inner Sirens
04. Matthias Tanzmann - Nip Slip
05. Dan Berkson - Circuits
06. Lee Curtiss - Pink Panty
07. Italoboyz - Hannibal
08. Gui Boratto - Chromophobia
09. Two Armadillos - Tunnel of Light
10. Catz & Dogz - A Chicken Affair
11. Holger Zilske - Enduro Disco
12. Swayzak vs. Theorem - Break In At Apartment 305
13. Claude VonStroke & Christian Martin - Groundhog Day
14. Italoboyz - Viktor Casanova
15. Frankie - Dig It All
16. Shawn Rudiman - Sickness

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